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Some people’s definition of home is a definite place and set of people with whom they have always belonged. My definition is not so easy. As a mixed-race person with a multicultural and multi-geographic upbringing, I have always felt like a stranger and sojourner on the earth… accustomed to goodbyes and repeated new beginnings— one thing always being only a precursor for something else.


My murals and art are a never-ending attempt to find this elusive thing called home.


I find a deep sense of peace in my melancholy girls’ faces surrounded by lush florals, Japanese motifs, and gold leaf. They are often bloodied yet strangely defiant in their nonchalance—a nod to the inexorable fellowship of suffering that defines a person and their purpose.


With each new artwork, I feel I become closer to both the comforting dark forest of my past, and the hope of a yet-unknown shimmering city of light.


And when the gatekeeper sees me, I hope that he will tell me I have been brave.




JUURI was born in Tokyo, Japan, in 1983 and moved to the US with her family when she was six. Her childhood was a happy one, filled with drawing, creating, and exploration. She never had a doubt that she would grow up to be an artist.


JUURI’s university schooling in graphic design blended with her fine art studies paved the way for her unique aesthetic. Her murals and art are a never-ending attempt to find the elusive thing called home. JUURI's mixed media work is driven by faces, flora, Japanese motifs, and a beautiful defiance in suffering.


JUURI travels far and wide to paint her murals, In addition to selling hundreds of paintings and prints from her online shop,


Her work is stocked by DNA Galleries (Oklahoma City), Thumbprint Gallery (La Jolla, CA), Sketch & Press (Redding, CA), and veteran-owned Thirty Seconds Out (online).


When she is not painting and traveling, JUURI enjoys visiting local businesses and coffee shops, shopping thrift stores for unique fashion, playing with her rescue dog, watching Japanese TV, and volunteering with the local police department.


To purchase work: Etsy

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To see what inspires her: Pinterest


Commission types available:






MURALS can be anywhere in the world (travel costs apply) and can be interior or exterior. Exterior murals will be painted only when weather permits. Acceptable surfaces include drywall, stucco, wood, metal, and brick (case by case.) All surfaces must be washed/primed prior to artist arrival. Any walls over 15 feet will require scaffolding or a lift. Prices include consultation, design, and materials. Prices are $20-$25/sf with a minimum fee of $2,000. Minimum turnaround time is one week or more depending on scope of the mural.


ARTWORKS can be commissioned with regards to color, theme, and size. Shipping charges apply. No portraits or copies of other artists' work. Prices include consultation, design, and materials. Prices are $2.15/square inch with a minimum fee of $1500. Minimum turnaround time is one month, or as scheduling permits.


LICENSING: How would you like to have JUURI's stunning artwork on your products? Licensing is available for most pre-existing works. Creation of new works will incur a commission fee + a licensing fee. Prices depend on many factors, so please contact us with your ideas!




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